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Alpha Translator

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Free Android Translator to easily translate text. More than 60 languages supported. No Signup Required. Very Lightweight.

Stunning Features of Free Android Translation App


This Free Android Translation app comes with some amazing features that make it outshine other apps out there.

Translate Text On Android

Easily translate text on Android with this free app. Provide any text and translate in 1-click.

Learn New Words Daily

See new words and phrases daily via Notification. Set notification frequency.

Spoken Text Pronunciation

This app will speak out translated text, so you know how to pronounce.

android app for travellers

60+ Languages

Translate text between more than 60 languages on Android!

Translator App for Travelers

Perfect translation app for world travelers because of so many supported languages.

Translation History

You can see complete translation history in the app.


  • Very nice translation app. Love its features like translation history. Also, it tells how the translated text sounds, which is very useful..”

  • I think this app is very important for life I was needed this app thank you so much for giving me my this wonderful surprise

  • Translates other very well. Works well. The voices sound great when they speak the words to you in another language. Best translator I've used

makes this

best Android Translation App.

  • No Signup required.
  • Very Lightweight.
  • More than 3600 language combinations supported.
  • See Translation History.
  • Learn How to pronounce translated text.
  • 1 click translation.
  • Learn new words and phrases daily.
  • Perfect Translation App for Travelers.
  • Works on old Android versions as well.

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About Free Android Translator App

Alpha Translator is one of the best free translation app for Android. This app lets you easily convert text from one language to another. It supports more than 60 languages for conversion, and new languages are added regularly. This Android translator app has a very small size, so you can use this as a free translation app for old Android phones as well that have less space. You can start using this app as soon as you download it, as no signup is required. One unique feature of this app is that it also gives an option to listen to the pronunciation of translated text. So, if you are traveling to some other country, and have been able to convert text, but do not know exactly how to pronounce it, then this free Android translation app will be very useful for you. Another great feature of this app is translation history. Using this feature, this app stores your entire translation history that you did on Android. So, if you know that you had translated some phrase using this Android translator, but don’t remember exactly which one, then this app will be very useful. Just open the app and see all the phrases that you have translated in the past, and you will be all set. Despite all these features, this app is completely free. The translations done by this translator app are very accurate and are powered by Bing. So, when you convert text using this app, you can be sure that you are getting correct translation.

It is very easy to start using this free Android app to convert text from one language to another. Just download this app from Google Play Store. As we mentioned above, no signup is required, so you can start using this app as soon as you download it. Just open the app, specify the language from which you are doing the conversion, and then the language to which you want to convert the text. Finally, hit the “Translate” button to do an immediate conversion of the text. So, this app provides a quick 1-click conversion of text from one language to another on Android.

One more feature of this app that you are gonna love is about learning new words daily. This Android language translator app shows you new words and phrases daily, via Notifications. You can set Notification frequency as per your convenience, and then learn new words daily.

So, go ahead and download this free Android translation app from Google Play Store, and enjoy converting text from one language to another easily on Android.