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Whether you are learning a new language or visiting a foreign country, it is not only important for you to learn new words, but also know their pronunciation. Also, it is common to forget the pronunciation of newly learnt words of a different language. So, the question arises, how to learn new words and their pronunciation? The answer is simple; through an app that can pronounce foreign words that you want to learn to pronounce. But, which app is the best for you?

Let me introduce you to Alpha Translator. The translator app which will fulfil your need to learn pronunciation of foreign words. It is a light weight translator app, with support for 60+ languages from around the World. And new languages are constantly being added as well. What this app does is, translates words from one language to another, and also lets you listen to the pronunciation of translated words. You can rely on the pronunciation, as this app uses Bing API to get you appropriate translation.

Lets see how to go about using this app to translate and pronounce foreign words.

How To Learn Pronunciation Of Foreign Words Using Alpha Translator

This app is one of the simplest translator apps out there. What it does is, translates a word or phrase from one language to another. You will have to select the From and To languages from the language selection tabs at the top. So, you can learn pronunciation in two ways using this app. You can either translate a word/phrase from your language to the language you are learning, then listen to the pronunciation. Or, you can directly enter the word in foreign language, then translate the word to the same language and then listen to the pronunciation.

After the translation, all you have to do is tap on the speaker icon to listen to the translation.

Amazingly simple, right? Now, this is not it. There are other  advantages of using this translator app to learn pronunciation of words of other languages.

Additional Features and Advantages Of Alpha Translator To Learn Pronunciation Of Foreign Words

Keep Record Of Translated Words

Alpha Translator keeps record of all the words and phrases that you translated. So, if you listened to the translation of a word and cannot recall the word, then do not worry. Simply scroll down and view all the translations that you made.

Learn New Words

Alpha Translator  provides you new words and phrases that you can translate in any language and listen to their translation. What’s good about this feature is that you can control the frequency of new words.

You can opt for daily, once every 3 days, or once per week options to get new words to translate. Or, you can simply stop the app from sending you any word.

Wrap Up

Alpha Translator is not only a very lightweight android app, but also runs very smoothly. Its makes translation and learning pronunciation of foreign words easy and fun.

Get Alpha Translator here.

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