Top 5 Easiest Languages To Learn

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Learning a new language is never easy, especially when you are grown up. But out of all the languages in the world, which ones are the easiest languages to learn? Well, we will find that out below. Here, we will know about the languages and what makes them easy for people to learn.

Some of the factors that make a language easy are its simple vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Here Are The Easiest Languages To Learn


Afrikaans is a simple language to learn, especially for those who know English. It is mainly spoken in South Africa and Namibia. This language is very close to English. It was considered to be a dialect of the Dutch language, but as time passed by, it was influenced by regional languages of South Africa. What’s good about learning Afrikaans is that its grammar is pretty much laid back as compared to Dutch. Also, there’s not much in vocabulary to learn once you have a grip on base words.


Norwegian is considered as another one of the easiest languages to learn. If you know English, then it will be an added advantage. It is a Germanic language and consists of many words that you will already recognize. Another good point about it is that Norwegian grammar is the easiest among Germanic languages. For someone who knows English, learning Norwegian is going to be really easy and fun.


The Spanish language has Latin roots, just like the English language. So, knowing English will give you a headstart with learning Spanish. The words in English and Spanish are different, the grammar is also different, but comparatively easier to learn. Although the words are different, most of them are somewhat similar in terms of pronunciation. So, once you start picking up the words, learning Spanish will be very easy for you.


Italian may not be as easy to learn for English speakers as it is for those who know Spanish, French, or Portuguese. But, it is definitely one of the easiest languages to learn. The grammar is easy to learn and has some unique rules, but is not as easy as Spanish. If you want to learn Italian, it would be easy, but would require some practice for sure.


Portuguese is very much similar to Spanish, Italian, and French languages. But most of its similarity is with Spanish. The 80/20 rule applies in this language. This means, by learning 20% of the language, you can understand 80% of it. Portuguese grammar is also easy to learn. One of the examples is that you need not learn the Second person in Portuguese grammar.

There are many other languages that are really very easy to learn, such as German, French, Indian, etc. No matter which language you are learning, easy or difficult, you are going to need a translator app handy. Checkout this translator app that will let you instantly translate text from a language to another for free and also let you listen to translated word’s pronunciation.

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