Importance Of Translation App For Travellers

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A translation app is a travellers’ best friend. It can help you travel anywhere in the world, even when you don’t know the local language. An ideal translation app for travellers¬†translates words and phrases from one language to another. Along with translation, it also must pronounce the translated word and phrase for you. This will not only make your travel hassle free, but also free you from the burden of learning the local language of the place you travel. After all, you must be travelling for business or pleasure, so why focus on language learning instead?

So, the question arises, which app is the best translation app for travellers? As a traveller myself, I would like something that’s light, fast, and runs even in bad network conditions. Moreover, I would also like some additional translation options, like multiple language support, access to translation history, and more.

Well, there is this app, that does exactly what a traveller would expect from a translator app for Android. Enter Alpha Translator, a translation app best suited for travellers which supports more than 60 languages. It is as simple as Googling a word and phrase for translation to any language, but with some additional features. Let us explore the options of this app that will turn out to be really helpful while travelling abroad.

How To Translate Words / Phrases With This Translation App For Travellers

Translation of words or phrases on this app is fairly simple. You just have to select the from and to languages from the language selection boxes. The from language is selected in the left box, and the to language in the right box. Now simply type the word or the phrase that you would want to translate, then tap the Translate button.

The translated result will be displayed right there. You can read the translation, and even listen to its pronunciation. That’s right; tap on the speaker icon to listen to the pronunciation. So simple, isn’t it? This can be helpful in many ways. You can either learn the pronunciation and talk to others, or make them listen to the translation while communicating.

Advantages And Features Of This Translator App For Travellers

Let me tell you about some of the features of this app that you can take advantage of as a traveller.

Translation History

Alpha Translator keeps history of all the translations done by you. Just scroll down, and you will find all the translations done by you. For each translation, you can listen to their pronunciation. This makes things easier for you, as you do not have to re-translate a word/phrase that you translated previously.

Learn New Words

This app gives you a new word or phrase everyday, which you can translate to any language and learn its pronunciation. This feature can be useful if you are going to any foreign place and want to be prepared beforehand. You can also change frequency of new words or even stop it if you want.

Closing Words

Alpha Translator is indeed a great translation Android app for travellers. It can help you at crucial times while travelling, to communicate with natives.

Get Alpha Translator here.

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