How To Pronounce Difficult Words Of Foreign Languages

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We all are pretty confident in pronouncing even the most difficult words of our native language correctly. But the problem of pronunciation arises when you have to learn to speak a foreign language. Be it your secondary language or a language that you are learning, you will find it difficult to pronounce complex words. This issue comes up mostly because you are not habituated to use foreign accent. Over time, it is possible to learn correct pronunciation of any word of a particular language. But, How To Pronounce Difficult Words Of Foreign Languages? The key solution is Practice. And the first step for this is to find a good source that will provide you correct pronunciations.

For this, you can take help of a translator tool which pronounces words for you and can be kept handy. I recommend Alpha Translator, which is a free Android App. You can use it to instantly translate words into different foreign languages (supports 60+ languages for translation). After translation, you can listen to their pronunciation. It is an Android app, so you can use it for practice any time you want.

Did you know, Mandarin is the most difficult language to speak, followed by Arabic, and Japanese? If you are learning any of these languages, then make sure to practice as much as you can. Because, wrong pronunciation can change the meaning of a word completely.

How To Pronounce Difficult Words Of Foreign Languages?

You can find difficult to pronounce words when you are learning a foreign language. You can stumble upon these words while learning, or even when translating. So, I will now tell you how to learn correct pronunciation of difficult to pronounce words in the easiest way. For this, I will use this translator app that I talked about earlier, Alpha Translator. You can use this app to even translate words from your native language to any foreign language and learn their pronunciation.

The first way is to learn to pronounce a foreign word that you already know. Run this app, then select the same language in both the language fields. Language selection fields are at the top of the app interface. Now in the box below, type the word that you want to pronounce, and click on Translate button. You will see the same word below now, but along with a speaker icon. Click on the Speaker icon to listen to its pronunciation.

Have a word in your native language that you want to translate to another, and then learn its pronunciation? You just have to select your native language in the left language box, and the target language in right language box. Type the word, translate it, then listen to its pronunciation.

Isn’t it a simple and a great way to learn pronunciation without applying much effort? The best part about this app is that it can be accessed whenever you want. So, you can listen and practice pronunciation on the go. You also get to access the translation history, so forget about forgetting the words you learnt in past to pronounce. A simple scroll, and you are seconds away from practicing all the pronunciations you looked for in the past.

Wrapping Up

A foreign language can have many words which you will find difficult to pronounce. The best way to go about it is adapting to a handy option which will let you practice pronunciation on the go.

Get Language Translator here.

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