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If you translate text on Android not very often, then Google’s search engine got you covered. But what if you need to translate text on Android on a regular basis? Would you still stick to Google? Or would you look for an app? And a more important question arises; why would you look for an Android app for translation?

If you need to regularly translate text, then you definitely need a translator app. Not just any translator app that only translates text from one language to another will do. It must have features that would be really helpful, like support for multiple languages, pronunciation, translation history, etc. Also, it must be lightweight and should be faster or equally fast as looking for translation online.

Let me introduce you to one such Android app, Alpha Translator. It is fast and ideal for anyone who needs to translate text very often. Whether you are a traveller or learning a new language, this translation app for Android will work wonders for you. Before I begin to explain how to translate text on Android, I would like to give you a quick peek into its features.

Features of this Free Translator App For Android

  • 1-click text conversion.
  • Hear the pronunciation of translated words and phrases.
  • Supports 60+ languages. New languages are added on regular basis.
  • It supports more than 3600 language pairs for translation.
  • All the translated words and phrases are saved in history.
  • Learn translation of new words and phrases daily.
  • Designed to be quick and responsive even in weak internet signal conditions.
  • Perfect for travellers and language learners.

That’s a quick overview of this awesome Android translator. Already excited to see the interface of this app? Now let us checkout how simple it is to translate text on Android for free using this app.

How To Translate Text On Android With Alpha Translator

As I mentioned above, Alpha Translator Android app is pretty simple and easy to use. It has a single screen interface, which means less of figuring out what to do, and more of language translation. So, lets quickly see how to carry out translation here.

Above is the screenshot of the app’s homepage. Notice the neatly arranged interface? I think the screenshot is enough to give you a good idea of Alpha Translator.

The two boxes on the top are language selection boxes. In the left box, you will need to select the language from which you you need to translate text. In the right box, select the To language, which will be the target language for translation.

This is what the language selection panel looks like. Scroll down and select the language according to your needs. Remember, once you have selected a language, it will show up first in the list for quick selection. See? How easy things have been made for you in this amazing Translator app for Android. Moving on!

Now, just enter the text that you want to translate in the text box. You can either enter a word or even a phrase. Then just a single click on Translate button will do the translation instantly.

See that small speaker button? That’s right. Tapping on it will pronounce the translated text for you.

Additional Features Of This Translator App

So, you got to know about the translation part, let’s now quickly talk about the additional features. These are the features that make this app a worthy Translator App for Android.

Translation History

As you scroll down on the main page of this app, you will see the translation history. Here, you will find all the translations made by you. This will help you quickly revise or reuse the translation, according to your choice.

Learn New Words

Again, an awesome feature. This can prove to be really helpful if you are learning a new language. You are provided with new words everyday. Translate the provided word in any language you want and quickly learn new words. You can even set the frequency of new words to show up.

Wrap Up

So, now that you know how easy it is to translate text on Android using this Translator App, wouldn’t you try it out?

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