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Android Translate App To Learn New Words Daily

This Free Android translator app lets you learn new words daily. So, without making any effort, you will learn new languages.

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Learn New Words Daily with Free Android Translate App

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Alpha Translator is a free Android translator app that lets you learn new words daily. It has a unique teaching method via notifications. Everyday you will see one notification with a question about a new word or phrase. Just tap on the notification to find translation of that. Simple 🙂

This translator for Android also gives you an option to control notification frequency, and even turn them off completely. But why would you 😉

So, go ahead and download this free Android translation app and start learning new words and phrases daily. And don’t forget that it’s completely free.

Learn New Words Daily Android

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Learn New Words Daily
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How To Learn New Words Daily on Android

Alpha Translator is a free language translation app for Android. This app lets you translate between more than 60 languages. Apart from translating languages, one unique feature of this app is that it also lets you learn new words on Android daily.

This app does that in a very interesting manner. Everyday it will show you a notification, which will have a question like “Do you know how to say Hello in French?”. To get an answer to that question, you just need to tap on the notification. As soon as you do that, the app opens and you can see the answer to the question. So, in this type of playful manner, this Android translation app lets you learn new words and phrases daily.

The app also lets you customize the notification frequency. You can choose to receive 1 notification everyday, or one notification every 3 days, or 1 notification per week. You can even choose to disable the notifications altogether, but then you would miss out on the fun of learning new words and phrases with this free Android translation app.

As we mentioned earlier, the app comes with support for more than 60 languages, so over the period of time, you can keep learning basic words of various different languages and then flaunt all the increased vocabulary in front of your friends.

And don’t forget the fact that the app actually also lets you hear the pronunciation of translated text. So, not only can you learn new words and phrases, but you can also learn how to pronounce them.

Go ahead and download this Android app, and start learning new languages, one word at a time.