Free Android Translation App for Travellers

Alpha Translator is the perfect free Android translation app for travellers. It has support for more than 60 languages, which means that whichever country you go to, you can be sure that this app will work for you. This makes this app a must have whenever you are visiting outside your country. Download this free Android translator for travellers free now.

Some of the countries in which this app would work perfectly are:

  • US
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • China
  • India
  • France
  • Germany
  • UAE

… and a lot more.

And remember, the app comes with a fantastic feature to learn new words daily. So, you can use this app to learn new languages easily.

This Android app is very lightweight and works well on slow internet connections as well, including 2G networks. So, you can use this Android translator app in any country, irrespective of the internet speed.

android app for travellers
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Android Translation App for Travellers

10 Reasons That Make This Best Android Translation App for Travellers

  • Support for more than 60 languages.
  • More than 3600 language combinations supported for translation.
  • This app speaks out the translated text, so you know exactly how to pronounce a word in another language.
  • This translation app stores your translation history. This means you can easily see all the phrases that you translated.
  • The app is very lightweight, so does not take a lot of space on your phone.
  • The app works very well on slower networks as well. So, whichever country you visit, this Android translation app will work for you.
  • The app lets you learn new words and phrases everyday. This means you can gradually improve your vocabulary of foreign languages.
  • Just 1 click required to convert text.
  • Completely Free, so travellers don’t have to spend money on doing translations.
  • No signup required. Just open the app and start translating text. Saves a lot of time.
Download Translate App from Google Play